Mondial Moto

Help us achieve our goal

Mondial Moto bonds are now available but are 'limited edition' with only 2,000 allocated. These bonds will mature in February 2023 on a 4 year term. There are no limits to the number of units you can purchase unless they are sold out. Each bond is priced at €500 and the deadline for crowd funding is April 2019.

Additional incentives are available for purchasing multiple units - please see our chart below:



Project Newsletters

All crowd funders will be kept up to date with the latest project news quarterly.


All crowd funders will receive a special price on Mondial Moto merchandise.


You will receive 8% interest payment payable at the end of the first years production, and 8% cash back payable at the end of the 4th year.

5+ Bonds

Personal tour of the factory including a lunch and 1 hours ride on the V5 at a racing track in Italy.

10+ Bonds

You will receive a €2,500 discount on a V5 bike purchase.

25+ Bonds

Option to purchase one of the first R & S model bikes off the production line. First come first served. (VIN numbers 2-49)

Why would you want to leave all your money in the bank where very little interest is earned? Our bond will pay you 8% interest and its value increases as the company's profitability rises.